Storm GT Tape




GT Tape is a breakthrough in modern sport science. It can provide stimulation to a variety of sensory nerves in the skin and surrounding tissues by amplifying touch sensitivity, increasing fine motor control, improving pain reduction, and can can relieve swelling/pressure. 2% germanium additive oxygenates bloods can result in increased recovery time and may improve immune function. 2% tourmanium and 2% anion additives may enhance blood circulation, cellular function, metabolism, and regeneration of tissues.
Hair should be shaved or trimmed Apply on clean, dry skin 30 minutes before activity. Rub tape to activate adhesive Anchors should always be on skin and never end on top of tape Stretching should be kept to a minimum and never on the anchorsl Stabilization strips run the length of the area being taped Decompression strips are usually perpendicular to the stabilization strip Storm GT Tape can be worn up to five days and is water resistant Store tape in a cool, dry place Each pack contains 20 pre-cut strips



Natural, White